Beginner Weightlifting Clinic

Price: $600


Length: 3 hours

Our Beginner clinic is a great foundations course for beginners (especially CrossFitters) to get introduced to the Olympic weightlifting movements (Snatch and Clean & Jerk).  This clinic is 3 hours long  (limited to 15 people in a group). 3-12 months experience required


Spend 1.5 hours on each lift, learning movement progressions and technical drills for improvement in the snatch and clean & jerk. Some previous experience with the Olympic-style lifts is recommended, but attendees should be reasonably versed with basic strength movements such as squat/deadlift & press. Attendees should be prepared for a busy day of practical work separated by brief lectures. The goal for this seminar is to cover theoretical framework of Olympic Weightlifting and leave participants with a solid understanding of how to move; armed with drills to assist their development.


  • 100% hands on, you will be performing drills the entire session!

  • Movement screening in warmup to help identify weak or unstable joints and how to correct

  • Detailed introduction and breakdown of the lifts in a small group

  • Drills to help promote good technique that you can incorporate into your training after the clinic

  • General Outline:

    • General warmup

    • Weightlifting specific warmup and mobility

    • General barbell warm-up and drills

    • Snatch technique

    • Press & Jerk technique

    • Clean Technique

Email to schedule a beginner clinic.

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