Testimonial: Claire W.

February 27, 2015

Since I was a young kid I was involved in many sports, from softball to swimming and golf. In 7th grade, my mom signed me up for workouts with her or my brother at SAA. Eventually, I began to love it. I was constantly getting stronger and faster, and also more natural and confident with how I played my sports. I also loved the environment and the trainers, who I became good friends with. They pushed me hard and gave me workouts that was specifically designed to help with my sport.


Once I stuck with volleyball, I knew I had wanted to play in college, so I started working on getting recruited and worked on getting stronger to be the best I can be. It helped a lot in high school season because I would already be ahead in lifting, while most girls had never come close to a barbell before in their life. I also loved being one of the fastest in the gym. Although I never had time for SAA in high school season due to the daily practices and games, I was itching to get back. As soon as school season ended and club volleyball started, I was in SAA as much as I can, lifting on the two or three days off I had during the week. 


I committed to Mercer University for volleyball during junior year, a D1 school in Macon, Georgia. Once I got the summer workouts from my coach, I sent them in to Boone and Will who combined them with some of their workouts, which I did twice or three times a week over summer. Even though the tough workouts I did pushed me to my limit, I loved it and I knew it would help in the long run. Once I got to Mercer for preseason, we were given a fitness test called the 210 the second day of practicing. It would be one of the hardest workouts we'd do all year. I was nervous, but I knew I could do it. I ended up getting the fastest time in it by 7 seconds, as a freshman. It was a great start to my first college season and I was so excited about it, I felt ready and prepared to compete at the higher level. The lifting coach was also impressed by my strength and I was put in the heaviest lifting group with the older girls on the team a few days after we started, he even asked me if I was on the lifting team at my school.


Starting a college sport is very nerve racking, but being so far ahead then some of the other girls impressed the coaches and also helped me relax. I know I wouldn't be even close to where I am today if it weren't for the help of everyone at SAA, and I am forever thankful for their help and what they have done for me the last seven years. I plan to workout with them every summer to get even stronger and better than I am now. I truly love working out there, and I cant wait to get back

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