Testimonial: Brendan L.

May 1, 2015

Brendan commiting to the University of Louisville as a preferred walk on


Why did you start training at SAA?

Because I was starting to notice a difference in my lack of strength, and knew if I wanted to continue playing sports I would have to get stronger and more athletic. 


What improvements have you seen since training at SAA?

Immediately I noticed a difference in my strength. After that I also started becoming more explosive. I also learned some of the fundamentals of running (I really had no idea how to run). Over time I have become a better over all athlete. 


What is unique about the training environment at SAA?

No machines is the first thing you notice. The majority of training is barbell based. The gym itself has a lot personality. It does not try to be something that it is not. You get the sense that you are training and learning from people who have more experience and know how to guide you on your journey to become a better athlete and get stronger.The environment itself is fun and is something you look forward too, rather than fear. 


What is your favorite thing about SAA?

The coaches. That is why I keep coming back.


What is your favorite exercise/movement?

Power cleans

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