Testimonial: Meg Larson

January 24, 2018



How did you originally hear about SAA?


My husband and I were on our way to another facility to check out membership.  We were passing by SAA, and said "Hey, this is the place that was going to have soccer program".  SO we stopped in.  And the next day I was going to work out.  And the next week, my daughter, Cara, went to a soccer team work out.   After the soccer program ended, Cara continued.  I have been training at SAA since.


How did you decide to start the kids in a strength and conditioning/ speed and agility program?


Cara did a 4 week soccer program.  We kept her going twice a week after that ended.  Guy (husband) and I were impressed with the work outs, oversight, and great atmosphere for keeping kids safe, engaged, and one on one attention.

Our son Casey also started training shortly after.


What age did you find it appropriate to start training at SAA?


Well, I was 48.  Casey was 12, Cara was 10.


What sport(s) do/did they play?


Casey played La Crosse and ski jumped

Cara played Soccer and ski jumped



What changes/improvements have you seen since they've been training at SAA?


I immediately saw that they were excited to go work out.  I then noticed that they felt accomplished after they perfected a lift, or could improve their speed, and testing numbers.  They learned to treat weights, weightlifting, and others in the gym with respect.

I believe that because they didn't train for one specific sport, but focused on overall good form, muscle work, and body strength has helped them remain injury free throughout the years.   They are now 19 and 17 years old.




As a parent, how did you feel about the training environment?


I have always been impressed with the focus on high character behavior, and teaching the athletes to respect themselves and their bodies.  Will, Boone, and Kurt have always had a keen eye for pushing us all forward, while at the same time insisting on good character.  

It is friendly - it's a family environment.  We all treat each other as family.



 Would you recommend SAA to a friend/ teammate?


I tell everyone about SAA.

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