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Will was training remotely before it was cool. 

I spent some time training at Superior Athletic Advantage in preparation for the CrossFit Open and Age Group Qualifiers. Every Sunday, I would train side by side with other athletes, following personal programming, with Will's eyes on all. He doesn't miss a thing. His attention to mechanics, his ability to provide small cues that make a huge difference and his presentation style are what make him an excellent coach worth a 2.5+ hour round trip drive. 

This year, I wanted to focus on strength training and power lifting. My goals were big, and I wanted them quickly. We met, he listened and assessed my current training, ability and focus and thereafter, set reasonable expectations.  To train more often, and drive less, he offered remote training.  The programming is presented professionally, movements are explained with specificity, and the training is very personal.  I upload videos and he provides swift and candid feedback. My lifts have improved, and now my goals are even greater.

I highly recommend Will as a trainer, both in person and remotely. Highly. Recommend.


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