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Building Your Glutes: Good For More Than Just Aesthetics!

Booty building workouts are all the rage. Sure you may fill out your leggings better with strong glutes, but did you know they aren't just for show. Strong glutes can have 3 major benefits both in and out of the gym!

1. Reduce back pain

Strong glutes are required for back health as they assist with pelvic, hip and trunk motions. Therefore, if you don’t have strong glutes your back will end up picking up the slack. When we are sitting all day at a desk, this results in shortened hip flexors and weak hip extensors. Functional glutes give us proper posture and help regain the strength we need for daily activities.

2. Reduce knee pain

Strong glutes can reduce the loading force on the knees and help to prevent knee valgus (knees caving in).

3. Increase power and exercise performance

Strength of the hips and glutes are important for athletic movements such as rotational hitting and throwing power, endurance running, acceleration/sprinting, deceleration, and can improve lifts in the gym. For example when you’re deep squatting or performing a deadlift you will increase motor potential, your brain will notice that there is power available from your glutes!

How do you build your glutes?

Building your glutes is the same as any area of the body. You need to progressively overload and choose the correct exercises. Some common glute building exercises are hip thrust variations, lunges, bulgarian split squat, RDL, and step-ups. Eating enough protein each day or eating a slight caloric surplus will also be of benefit to you!

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