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Commitment and Communication- What it Takes to Reach your Fitness Goals!

Updated: Mar 25

Did you know SAA offers 1:1 Remote Coaching? This means that no matter where you are, you can get high quality workouts built for your goals and needs, and a coach to client relationship built on the effort you put forth.

So how does this all work? Let me walk you through step by step!

Step 1: You realize that despite being far from SAA, you have fitness goals you want to reach! You click the link here or find the info on the website and sign up.

Step 2: You receive an email from me and information on how to log onto Truecoach (where all workouts and communication are held).

Step 3: You schedule your questionnaire answering such questions as "what is your exercise history", "what are your current fitness goals", "what exercise equipment will you have available", etc.

Step 4: You then do your movement screening. There will be a variety of different movements for you to record yourself doing and upload in Truecoach. These will help me analyze how your body moves and any dysfunctional movement patterns you may have.

Step 5: We have a video call together where we discuss what I saw in the movement screening, and what your program design will look like. Once these are done, I can help guide you towards your fitness goals with tailored workouts that fits your schedule and equipment available, with demo videos for each exercise.

How about we go one step further and give you an example.

Let's say you do have some previous exercise history. Maybe you've taken a few workout

classes or even done a free personal training session or two at your local gym, but nothing

you've been able to stick to. You have some slight knee pain but other than that you just want to feel good without having to spend all your time at the gym. You have around an hour to an hour and a half three days a week to get your workout in. All this information was gathered from the questionnaire.

Now what did I see in the movement screening? Lacking ankle mobility and core stability. Slight impinging hips which will need some re-patterning. Other notes were made here and there to create a workout specific to you.

Look below to see the first three workouts aimed for general fitness. (And yes, you can go ahead and try these out if some of these things match up to what you need! I won't tell). Click the exercise to see a demo video.

Here's a visual:

Day 1 Upper Focus

Warm up:

8 banded wrist extensions

10 pallof presses each side

10 pronated band pull aparts

10 supinated band pull aparts

-avoid arching your back during band pull aparts, keep stable

Repeat 2-3x rest as needed

A1. Single Arm Incline DB Bench Press

4x12; 30s rest

A2. Tripod Row

4x12; 30s rest

Use a lighter weight, keep your core engaged and stable!

B1. Cable Tricep Pushdown

4x12; 30s rest

B2: DB Bicep Curl

4x12; 30s rest

C1: DB Z Press

3x10; 30s rest

C2: Elbow Side Plank

3x30s each side 15s rest between sides; 30s rest


10 kneeling hand release push ups

KB farmer carries 100ft and back

-focus on good posture here

60s rest; repeat 2x


3min backwards treadmill walk

10 Banded ankle distractions

10 Banded TKEs

60s rest Repeat 3x

A1. Heel Elevated Landmine Squat

4x10; 30s rest

A2. Banded Hip Hinge

4x12; 30s rest

-use medium resistance band

B1. DB Reverse Lunge

4x10; 30s rest

B2. DB Hip Thrust

4x10; 30s rest C1. Banded Hip Abductions

3x20; 15s rest

C2. Monster Walks

3x10 steps forward and 10 back; 15s rest

A1. Trap Bar Deadlift

4x10; 30s rest

A2. DB Floor Press

4x10; 30s rest

B1. DB Lateral Lunge

4x10 each side; 30s rest

B2. Wide Grip Lat Pull Down

4x10; 30s rest

C1. External Rotations

4x15; 10s rest

C2. Wall Tibialis Raises

4x20; 10s rest

​Cool Down:

Full body foam roll

10 min sauna

By making consistent and clear notes, the workouts will be able to adjust accordingly to help you progress! It may be in the title but it's worth noting one final time... commitment and communication is what it takes to reach your fitness goals! Sign up for 1:1 Remote Coaching and let me be a part of your fitness journey!

-Coach Amanda


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