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Ensign Brothers


Throughout my many years at SAA I was able to become a much better athlete. I not only was building strength multiple times a week but I was learning about what my body was doing and how to put my self in a position for the most success in my sport. But the beauty of all this is the environment that SAA provides. It’s an environment that provides direct coaching within the exercises, but a fun and encouraging environment with other athletes on the same mission.


I like working at SAA because it gets me stronger and more prepared for baseball.

James' Showcase Stats:

Broad Jump 7'3"

OF Velocity 75

FB Velocity 75

Exit Velocity 78

10 yd Dash 1.75

40 yd Dash 5.12

Anna Ensign:

"Daniel had done some sporadic strength and conditioning in the past, but started at Superior the fall of his freshman year in preparation for baseball tryouts in the spring. He wanted to check out the program they offered to see if it was something that fit with his off-season training regimen. He started slowly, twice a week, and it wasn’t long before he was hooked. With the personalized program that was set up for him, he found himself meeting and then exceeding his weightlifting goals.

It wasn’t just about going in each week and doing his “reps”, it was about learning and understanding the how’s and why’s of his strength program. It was about seeing the bigger picture as it related to his overall physical fitness and the importance that diet plays in that. Superior’s small, personalized atmosphere, allows one-on-one interaction with the coaches, which developed beyond a mentor/mentee relationship, in to one that when he walks through the door, he knows that these guys believe in him.

Daniel’s workout is typically the highlight of his day. His muscle mass has grown tremendously which has helped him with his velocity and location as a pitcher and with his speed, and agility as an outfielder. After hearing about Daniel’s experiences during dinner conversations, it wasn’t too long, before his 13 year old brother started asking, “When can I start at Superior?”

We were so confident in the program and the people, it was a no-brainer for us, so in January of 2016, James (13) started his own strength program at Superior. The results were undeniable, and he was the first one to say, “Mom, I think I’m hitting the ball harder now than I was last year.” They go to there training together, which allows for some friendly, brotherly competition and a little rivalry.

Beyond building muscle, we’ve seen a change in what they want to eat. They’re learning about the role that diet plays, and all on their own they have begun to incorporate those changes at home, including eating more protein and cutting back on those “empty” carbohydrates. Superior Athletic Advantage is more than just a place to work out, it’s people who are investing in my “athlete” kids, helping them prepare for today, but also establishing habits and patterns that they will take with them long after they’re done with sports."


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