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If You’re Not Training in the Off-Season then You’re Falling Behind

A lot of people underestimate the importance of training in the off-season and consider it a time for them to completely halt their training, but this is not the case. A majority of an athlete’s work and gains are made in the off-season. When you’re in season, this is not the time to be focusing on getting stronger and making big leaps in improvement. When you’re in season, it’s time to showcase the improvements you’ve already made and the hard work you’ve put in prior.

In the off-season, athletes need to work on specific weaknesses, pre-hab to prevent injury, increase general strength as well as conditioning, or at the very least maintain strength and conditioning. Think about it, by the time you are in season and realize you are unconditioned, lacking the proper amount of strength, power, agility, or whatever you may need for your specific sport, it is too late. Athletes are made in the off-season.

Not only does your off-season training show your coaches that you’re dedicated to the work it takes to become better, but it also helps develop discipline, as well as make you a better athlete. It’s one thing to hope to make that high school or collegiate team or be placed on the varsity squad, it’s another thing to decide to work for it and make yourself proud. It doesn’t necessarily take a whole lot of time and effort, it just takes one decision and a commitment to that decision.

Trust me when I say that training in the off-season makes a difference. I remember when I was an athlete in high school, I saw breaks from sports as a time to rest completely until I dedicated that time to become better. It was very clear when the season rolled around who continued training and stayed active, and those who didn’t. Those were the same people who were frustrated over and over again with their slow progress or even lack thereof. Don’t be that person, the habits you build now are the ones that will stick with you throughout your career in sports and even in life.

So to conclude, why train in the off-season? Because it gives you an advantage against your competitors, it makes the in season transition easier (there’s no need to get ‘into shape’ if you’re already in shape), you’ll be well prepared for the season ahead, and you’re less likely to get injured, it improves your discipline, and it shows your coaches you’re willing to work to be the best that you can. And I’ll let you in on a little secret, as an athlete and coach, I know that this is what coaches are looking for when they pick their teams. Coaches are not always looking for the best of the best, they’re looking for those with a willingness to work, coachability, and the potential for improvement.

My passion is working with athletes and helping them improve, mentally and physically. I love seeing people achieve things they hadn't thought possible and helping them dig deep within themselves when I know they are capable of great achievements.

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