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What SAA is doing to keep you safe as we reopen

While there is a risk of exposure, we have taken all the steps to ensure we are opening safely and effectively. We have talked to Local Experts who've developed preventative protocols specific to cleaning and disinfecting COVID-19 and purchased the same Medical Grade Disinfectants that these Contractors are using for these protocols. I will attach that information on the bottom if you want to educate yourself on those products. We understand some of us might not feel comfortable coming back at this time, and you can continue training at home. If you are sick, or become sick, and are unable to resume your normal membership let us know and your membership will be adjusted accordingly.

Initially we will be offering a limited schedule and will add sessions as needed, bear with us if you are unable to schedule initially.

To limit overall exposure, coaches will maintain safe distance but will be available for questions and help as needed.

For those of you that will be returning:

  • Zenplanner signup will be made available; limit 5 per session; no exceptions

  • Please arrive on time and exit promptly after your session

  • If you arrive early please wait outside, until the start of your scheduled session

  • If you have any underlying conditions, reason to believe you have been in close contact with anyone with COVID, or have any symptoms of being sick stay home

  • Temperatures will be taken, 100.4 F or higher will not be admitted

During the session:

  • Windows & Doors will remain open, dress accordingly

  • Each member will have a designated area

  • Bring all your belongings to your designated area

  • Maintain 6 feet of distance

  • Bring the equipment you need and keep it near your station

  • At the end of your session wipe down all equipment you used and/or touched with the provided antibacterial spray and wipes

  • Please bring your own water

  • Sanitizer will be provided


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