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Dominic C.

I started at SAA about 5-6 months ago. I had always been an athletic guy. Played sports growing up and joined a gym and stayed there for about 7 years. Within that time frame, I saw up and down progress. Plateaued results. Disappointment. Triumph. Everything in-between. I was my biggest road block and consistency has been something I struggled with my entire life. I get bored and then get lazy. Throw in a bad relationship with over two years of bad habits, and here we begin. 5'7" and 188lbs. The heaviest I have ever been.

I found out about SAA simply driving by. I get my cars washed right across the street. For months I would see people in and out of the gym and I just never gave it a second thought. One day as I was waiting for the guy to finish drying my car, I decided to send an email and see what this place was all about. I was fat, sad and tired, needing a change.

Fast forward a week and I was in there working with Kurt on an evaluation. He put me through all the exercises and I couldn't believe how out of shape I was. More shockingly, how I had gotten to that point, which in my mind, was the biggest disappointment of all. I finished up and signed up!

Everyone there was very welcoming and introduced themselves when I showed up. I was ready for a new me. After the first month, I started seeing actual results and noticing changes in my body and energy level. The moment I looked into the mirror and saw some actual results, albeit minor, I was hooked. It was like a new me had taken over. I showed up for every class and made up the ones I wasn't able to make. Here we are today. I have lost 28lbs and have reached an entirely new level of fitness. My eating habits have completely done a 180. I am sleeping better at night and have lowered my caffeine consumption significantly during the day. Will and Kurt are always available when I need them during my workouts and lend a hand when necessary. They showed me that no matter what is going on in life, that the time in the gym is about me. Time to unwind and work on myself and build relationships with those around me.

Would I recommend them? I'll do you one better. Leave whatever crummy gym you are at, getting the crummy results you are getting, and get into a REAL gym. With real people. Real stories. Real results. Change is scary. Trust me. I run from it everyday....but that one single moment you stop running and embrace it, AMAZING things will happen and you will outperform and fulfill your loftiest goals.

Your best you is one phone call away. Why wait another day?


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