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I first found out about SAA in 2015 from a friend who had been working with SAA remotely (specifically, Will Rawlings) for her olympic weightlifting programming. She spoke very highly of her experience working with them. At the time, I had been a competitive athlete in Crossfit and actively training towards the Open. With the monotony of off-season conditioning, I was no longer enjoying my training and decided to switch gears and compete in an olympic weightlifting meet. When I made the choice to compete in an olympic weightlifting meet, I decided that the only way I would compete individually was to go “all in.” This meant hiring an olympic weightlifting coach, actually following my macronutrient diet from my nutrition coach, and prioritizing training in life to see what I could accomplish in the three month training period before the selected meet. Inquiring at SAA for a remote olympic weightlifting coach during that time period was an easy choice after hearing non-stop praises from my friend and her experience so far. Not only hearing from my friend’s positive experience, but also being in the industry myself, I value education and experience from a place I choose to invest in. I’ve always looked at any product or gym that I invest in as a learning experience to not only further me personally, but educationally as well. The breadth of knowledge and experience displayed on the website biographies satisfied my high standards and I dove right in.

I have been training with SAA since July 2016. Since then, I have a greater understanding of the olympic lifts and fitness programming, my olympic lifts have gone up 20-35lbs, and my technique has dramatically improved. Whenever I drop-in at their facility, their community makes me feel welcomed and I value the immediate feedback for my lifts. The SAA experience is unique in that they provide their clients a “big box” (strong community) feel through individual programming for every client and this is typically how I describe SAA to anyone who asks about them. The value for the cost of the service I am getting is top tier because not only am I able to integrate myself into a community of like-minded, active individuals but I am also receiving programing that is tailored to my individual goals. From the general individual looking to start integrating fitness into their life to the competitive athlete, SAA will serve you a phenomenal experience.


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