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Grant J.

Before I came to Superior Athletic Advantage I was dealing with multiple back injuries due to poor technique and overworking myself. I was trying to learn everything on my own and my training was repetitive and lacked guidance.  One of my close friends introduced me to Will Rawlings and I explained my interest in powerlifting and overall fitness.  Superior Athletic Advantage offers an extremely unique experience for people of all levels of fitness. SAA gives me challenging workouts that never feel repetitive and my strength has improved immensely.  My goals before I came to SAA were to improve my strength and technique in powerlifting under expert supervision. After 6 months of training at SAA I have seen improvements in every aspect of my fitness. I have competed in local and state level powerlifting competitions and have beat my personal records in squat, bench, and deadlift.  I will continue to train under the great training expertise of Will Rawlings and Kurt Konodi.


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