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Is Yoga Right for Me? Yoga for Athletes

Hatha yoga flow starts with connecting to yourself through moments of meditative space that will develop the skill of visualization that can be translated into athletic performance and also embrace the present moment.

Next, breathwork (pranayama) - understanding the power of your breath can not only help you with controlling your stress levels and calming your mind but also help you with relaxation, better sleep and recovery. Additionally to the breath, specifically diaphragmatic breathing creates better stability in your body that is essential to your overall balance. Preventing unevenness in your posture such as if you stand in front of a mirror you can observe one of your shoulders is most likely higher than your other so your hips. It is because you don’t simply breathe properly. If your body is imbalanced, imagine what it does to you, when you exercise with a heavy load or fast pace movements. It is so essential to create balance in your body to get rid of any bad habits you could have developed over time and create the stability and mobility that your body desperately needs. Read more about breathwork and yoga

After that, the yoga practice is followed by a warm up to prepare your body for holding specific poses (asanas) for a short amount of time before transitioning to the next pose. The slower pace of this yoga practice helps athletes develop body and breath awareness that creates better control and focus over athlete's performance. As a result, you activate faster recover, prevent injuries that most of the time hold you back from training to your fullest capacity.

The skills and wisdom you discover during your yoga flow won't only help you to enhance your training but all you have learned you can translate into your day to day life and see your life improving to its fullest magnitude.

This yoga flow could be called a hybrid because I will throw different restorative poses or anything that I believe athletes can benefit from. My classes are usually very educational, fun and creative. If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out.


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