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Kingsland C.

How did you hear about SAA and what problem were you trying to solve?

I first heard about SAA at a party with friends.  I commented to my friend, Jon, that he looked great and asked how he was staying in shape.  He told me about SAA and the type of training he did.  I was intrigued.  I then set up my consultation with Will with the specific goals of core strength, muscle tone, back pain relief, and general fitness.  My first workout went well and I have since trained 2-3 times per week for the past 10 months.

What is unique about the gym and what successes have you had?

You can make the fitness experience at SAA as moderate or rigorous as you and your trainer see fit.  Each workout, Kurt, my trainer, lays out a personalized, structured set of routines focusing on different muscle groups.  Warmup, 3 sets of 3 different exercises, and a cardio type cooldown.  I go at my own pace with Kurt’s guidance to ensure I am doing the exercises properly.  Each workout takes approximately 75 minutes and suffice to say, I am pretty whipped afterward.  Tired, but I feel great with a sense of accomplishment every time.

The most noticeable improvement in my body over the past 10 months is my core strength.  I play tennis with a group of friends throughout the year and a stronger core enables me to pull thru my groundstrokes with a faster pace on the ball.

What do you like about the gym?

The atmosphere in the gym is very inviting.  Kurt and Will keep a low key environment so everyone feels welcome.  The gym is limited to 8-9 people per time slot enabling equipment to be available when you’re ready to use it.  I especially appreciate the friendships I have made with Kurt and my fellow MWF early morning workout buddies.  They have made my experience enjoyable and I honestly look forward to every workout.

What would you tell someone considering to join SAA?

The workout experience is a commitment that if you are willing to put the time and effort in, you will see results.  Your workout routines are designed specifically for you with the guidance of a highly skilled trainer.  The low key, non-competitive environment enables you to work out at your own pace without the risk of pushing yourself too hard trying to keep up with someone else.  SAA is a unique experience that I highly recommend.


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