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Liz S.

A couple years ago I hit a plateau while doing traditional Crossfit. I was not getting stronger, and I definitely was not getting any better with my technique, yet my body was starting to hurt more and more from the strenuous workouts. I was looking for a change when I was recommended by a coworker to SAA. Just from my initial assessment, I could tell immediately that Will was extremely knowledgable and methodological in his approach. After that first day, I decided to commit to training at SAA and I've never been happier.

Will and Kurt have helped me grow immensely in the gym, building both my physical strength and also my knowledge of lifting and other exercises. I have gotten so much stronger and it has been so fun and invigorating to watch how my strength has increased. When I started at SAA, I could not even do one pull-up. Now I am able to get 8 strict pull-ups and am so proud of this accomplishment. My form has also improved dramatically, allowing me to increase my deadlift by 25% and my back squat by about 45%. While achieving all this, I no longer have any of the pains that I felt when doing traditional Crossfit.

Besides improving both my strength and physical appearance, I have also gained so much confidence around the gym. In the beginning I was very tentative and I had set a goal for myself to be able to feel comfortable in any gym setting. With Will and Kurt's guidance I now feel very confident in myself and my lifting technique.

When I started at the gym I was simply looking to improve my strength and physical appearance. Now, looking back at the friendships I have built and watching my confidence soar, I realize that my journey with SAA has been so much more than that.


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