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Michael H.

I started at SAA the summer before my junior year of high school, and have been training there consistently ever since. I run cross country and track, and at first I felt a little out of place training with mostly non-runners. However, I quickly learned the various lifts and movements and began to enjoy working out in the helpful and constructive atmosphere. The training has helped me tremendously, especially in building up leg strength. A lot of the training is also sport-specific, which is quite useful. For example, I do endurance workouts more frequently than people training for different sports.

In long distance running, most other high school athletes don’t do much lifting in general. The fact that I trained at SAA gave me a huge edge on those other distance athletes, and helped me shave off more time than most of my competition. When I started training at SAA my mile PR was a 5:05. Now, less than two years later, my best mile time is 4:31.

I really benefit from working out at SAA, and I am so much stronger and more explosive than when I started. I genuinely enjoy doing the workouts they put together, which always have a purpose specific to where you are in your training, your goals, and the sport that you play. For that reason and many others, SAA is amazing regardless of your sport or level of competition.


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