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Teigen M.


The reason I signed up at SAA was to be a better athlete, to lift properly and to help with my speed and my strength. It’s helping me be a better football player and wrestler. I’m learning how to train and use my whole body. Since I have been with SAA, I feel like I have gotten stronger and faster and have better footwork. I know I can run faster and lift heavier weights. I can see my muscles developing and getting stronger. My favorite lift is the deadlift. I like the landmine version too.

I like that the coaches are nice and funny. They push me to be stronger and to work on my form and they push me to do my best. Coach Will and Coach Kurt answer my questions and show me techniques to be the best I can be. The other athletes in the gym are friendly and make me want to be push harder and do better. I am grateful my parents signed me up for SAA and take me there.

Rick and Shannon (Teigen's Parents)

We sought a gym for Teigen when he showed interest in working out and wanting to take his sports to another level. Our biggest fear was he would learn improper lifting techniques and develop poor lifting habits from his peers or people who were not qualified to teach him. We were hesitant about our then ten-year-old lifting weights and injuring himself. After visiting several gyms, we were excited for him to join SAA and confident in their abilities to train Teigen.

We immediately were drawn to the fact that the coaches had lots of experience working with younger athletes and the level of education/expertise was much higher than other facilities we visited. The work out plans are geared individually to Teigen and address not only lifting, but speed and agility. They vary keeping him interested in the workout and keep him excited to see what he will be doing next.

The coaches are attentive and help him find the drive he needs. The small environment allows Teigen to get the personal training he needs. He is learning healthy workout habits and nutrition. We feel like he gets the best of everything at SAA. The other athletes at the gym are welcoming and embracing. My son has never felt anything but welcomed and that he belongs there. We are very grateful as parents for this atmosphere.

In the last eight months, we’ve noticed Teigen’s confidence skyrocket. He loves the definition he is developing and feels so much stronger. He does faster sprints, does not tire easily in sports practices and his footwork is much more precise than when he first started. The training Teigen has been doing at SAA has improved his wrestling and football. He is developing a love for working out and creating a healthy lifestyle.

I would without hesitation recommend SAA and the staff. We couldn’t be prouder of Teigen and love the excitement he has for working out. We know SAA is looking out for his best interest and appreciate the staff going above and beyond for their athletes.


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