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What is Remote Fitness Coaching?

Most of us have heard of personal training or group training, but a newly popularized way to workout is known as remote fitness coaching.

What is Remote Fitness Coaching?

Remote coaching can vary depending on the coach. All of remote coaching will take place online, but the content may vary. For example, some trainers may want to schedule live workouts, others may program through an app such as Truecoach or Coach Rx (see example video). Any good coach will ensure prior to starting the sessions you have an assessment and are asked relevant questions to make sure you get a program that works for you. The workouts will be done at a place (at your home, in your local gym, etc) and at a time that works for you.

Who is Remote Fitness Coaching For?

Remote coaching is for individuals who have some fitness experience or knowledge (can understand reps, sets, rest, etc). In addition it is for someone that can utilize different apps and have basic technology know-how. If you are looking to get benefits similar to that of personal training with more adaptability, remote coaching is for you!

What are the Benefits of Remote Fitness Coaching?

  • Accessibility: You're able to access and maintain your training no matter where you are or what gym you use.

  • Flexibility: You can workout at times that work for you and this eliminates schedule conflicts between you and the trainer. If you are someone who is busy remote coaching is a great option.

  • Self Efficacy: The number one predictor of consistency with exercise is self efficacy. Remote training allows the trainer to help guide you and keep you accountable, but it also assists to improve your level of self efficacy.

Is Remote Coaching Effective?

As with any fitness routine, it is up to the individual to be committed to the process and to communicate to the trainer. Even though it is remote coaching, you need to be able to articulate to your coach any problems you're having, changing workout schedule or new goals. Remote coaching is highly effective if both parties are on the same page!

What is the Average Price of Remote Coaching?

The average monthly price varies from $100-300 depending on what is included in the package.

If you are looking for live remote training, the national average is $55-65 per hour. However the live sessions do eliminate some of the flexibility.

What to Consider When Deciding on Remote Coaching

The following are a list of questions to consider when deciding on remote coaching:

  • What kind of package am I interested in? Do I want nutrition assistance or live workouts?

  • What kind of training am I trying to do? Am I an athlete looking for an off-season program, a cross fitter, general fitness etc.

  • Will I be working out at home or is there a gym I can train at?

  • Does the trainer have experience? Are they with a company or gym I trust?

Remote fitness coaching is a great alternative to in-person training options. If this peaks your interest, send us a message or sign up for SAA 1:1 Remote Coaching here.


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