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  • Mallory Rawlings

What’s your lead domino?

What's your lead domino? It’s the one thing that you do that sets the tone of the day or keeps

you on the path that you intend for the day/week. If your lead domino falls (aka, task is

completed) other things just fall into place.

Exercise example: I will move for 20 min a day.

Nutrition example: I will eat protein at breakfast.

Attitude example: I will compliment someone.

Hygiene example: I will get dressed for the day.

Parenting example: I will hug my kid(s) first thing when I see them.

The first step is to identify your lead domino. Put some time and thought into this. What task,

when accomplished, pushes you in the right direction?

The second step is to lay out your plan. This is your roadmap to HOW you will get your lead

domino to fall. Think of this like a roadmap. If you are going from point A to point B, you

generally think ahead to what roads will get you there most efficiently. You don’t just start

driving and hope you end up at point B. You set a path and you follow it.

Sit down on Sunday and PLAN your 20 min of movement. Get your breakfasts ready for the

week. Put a reminder in your phone to give a compliment. Lay your clothes out the night

before. Remind your kids about the hug first thing – trust me they will let you know if you


Try this and see the chain reaction that occurs. One behavior changed consistently will

ultimately affect other behaviors as well. Be the type of person that tackles their lead domino

each day.


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