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10 Highly Effective Habits of Fit People

I talked with as many fit people as I know asking one question: “What is one simple habit you do outside of the gym to help you stay fit/lean?” There were lots of general answers and some in depth answers, but the reality was that they all tied in to one another perfectly and most

answers were very similar.

I truly think that habits outside of the gym matter more than what you do inside the gym. Small things throughout the day DO lead to success in any health and fitness journey. So, I’ve curated a list that best describes the answers I’ve received and believe to be the top habits of people who live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

1. Going for a walk after each meal- helps with the start of digestion and avoids the sluggish

feeling after eating since it helps with blood sugar management and promotes an immediate

reduction in blood glucose levels- which are known to cause fat storing tendencies when spikes are too high.

2. Avoid Drinking Your Calories: Juice/high calorie coffees, sugary energy drinks, alcohol, are all empty calories that can be avoided. Water will quench your thirst just fine.

3. Drinking water throughout the entire day- meaning carrying a bottle with you everywhere you go and drinking at least 1/2 body weight in ounces- can rid false hunger pangs, aid in absorption of food, and provide more energy which in turn leads to more energy expenditure throughout the day.

4. Cold Tubs/Cold showers- whether its daily, or up to 11 minutes per week however you choose to get the 11 minutes- aids in inflammation, boosts immunity, combats symptoms of depression, increases brown fat, and increases metabolism.

5. Chewing slowly at each meal- slowing down while eating can help you recognize hunger cues and break your food down better for absorption. You can do this by counting up to 30x per chew, minimizing outside distractions like phone or TV, and not eating on the go.

6. Engage in active hobbies: Golf, Pickle ball, basketball, softball league, etc are all enjoyable

active hobbies to keep you moving throughout the day.

7. Prioritizing protein at each meal- one common theme among every answer i received was

having protein on hand and centering each meal around it. Protein is the building block of

muscle, its expensive to the body (expends more calories to break it down than other foods),

and helps keep you fuller for longer.

8. Keeping High Quality Snacks on Hand- making sure that you know you will always have

something good to eat even when nothing else is available. Something that can hold you over

until you eat a meal, instead of settling for less nutritious meals or prevent over eating at the

next meal.

9. Walking- walking to nearby places instead of driving. Unless there is a time crunch, walking or biking somewhere close can provide endorphins from being outside and getting vitamin d, and aid in getting in your NEAT.

10. Most popular and number 10: ALWAYS planning ahead for the week; most fit people know

exactly (or a general idea) of what they will be eating that week. They grocery shop ahead of

time, prepare ahead of time (or in some cases for people who have more time prepare on the

spot) and make their meals with wholesome foods including lean proteins, complex carbs.


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