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3 Tips to Stay Hot this Summer

When its nice out you may be tempted of skipping the gym so you can enjoy the last few hours of sunlight after work. But no one wants to give up all the hard work they’ve done in the gym throughout the entire year. There are a few things you can do to optimize your time in the gym, be a little bit more flexible in social gatherings, and staying active in the summer.

Rule number one: Hit your protein early. Studies have shown that people who consume more

protein in the front of their day (Breakfast and Lunch) have a lower body weight than those who do not. Most social events happen later in the day so hitting protein early can help you enjoy food at an event. Rule of thumb is trying to keep calories within 5-10% of maintenance when enjoying outside food. Protein should be a non-negotiable, as hitting a protein goal decreases food stress by allowing you to be more flexible at parties and events. Another way to enjoy party food is by centering your highest calorie food in the middle of the plate and adding lower calorie options around it. For example, pizza in the middle of the plate,

surrounded by watermelon or simple salad.

Rule number two: Marcus Filly is an iconic example of the 2x2 Rule in the gym. He states the

rule as: taking two exercises per day in the gym and 2-3 sets of each of those exercises at a

very high level. We are talking a 9/10 RPE for these 2-3 sets (4-6 sets total). The most impactful lifting in the gym happens when you hit high effort sets. However, this does not mean you can skip the warm up. Performing a sufficient warm up and sub maximal sets before hand before hitting max effort sets 3-4x a week can help you maintain your muscle throughout the summer. Consistency and effort are more important than volume and total time in the gym.

Rule number 3: Walk at least 8-10k steps a day. This is probably the most talked about thing people mean to do, because frankly, it really is important. The amount of time you spend in the gym is just a very small portion of the calories burned throughout the day. In order to stay lean and fit, walking and moving is going to be the key. The best way I like to do this is by walking 2000 steps after each meal. That way I can have better digestion, but also serves a purpose in building a built in time to walk.

Following these few things can not only help you maintain over the summer, but also let you

enjoy it without being a super strict with nutritional habits and a slave to the gym!


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