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What Type of Training is Right for You?

What type of training is right for you? You may be asking yourself...

"Should I do group training?"

"Should I do personal training?"


"Should I do remote fitness training?"

Today we are going to compare those three options to answer the question.. "what type of training is right for me?"

Group Training

There are a lot of options when it comes to group training. There's Orange Theory, F45, Burnboot camp, Zumba, LesMills and countless others. For these types of workouts you book a class time and attend with other people. A coach will then take the group through different movements based on the style of the class.

Price Range: $60-300 a month

Flexibility: Some as there are different class times

Individual Program: X

Benefits: Great for socializing, fun environment, adds competition, and builds a good general aerobic or strength foundation

Risks: Not individualized which can be difficult if you have any injury history, may not be working towards your specific goals

Personal Training

Personal training often costs more than group training, as it is individualized. Many gyms have a free session or two with a personal trainer after signing up for the gym. Unlike group training, personal training often begins with a movement assessment and questionanairre to determine what training style will work best for you.

Average Price Range: $50-100 per hour session

Flexibility: Some as you have to schedule with trainer

Individual Program: Yes

Benefits: Accountability and assistance with goal setting, safe and effective workouts

Risks: Requires a higher level of commitment as the price range is greater than group training

Remote Fitness Training

Remote fitness training is similar to personal training, as the program can be designed to work towards your individual goals. However rather than ensuring your schedule and the personal trainer aligns to do an in person session; the workout will be written with everything you need so you can do it when you have time.

Average Price Range: $100-300 per month

Flexibility: Yes

Individual Program: Yes

Benefits: Convenient, assistance with goal setting and reaching goals

Risks: Communication is key as you need to be able to articulate to your coach any problems or changes that happen on your end as it relates to your fitness journey

Here at SAA we offer a different spin on group training. We keep the workouts individualized while still getting the benefit of socialization with other members. If you're curious about what we do, check out the "group training" section on our website. In addition we also offer both personal training and remote training! Thanks for reading; continue to learn what form of fitness you can stay consistent with, and that you enjoy!

-Coach Amanda


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